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06 December 2007 @ 08:40 pm
Good news and zanessa withdrawal? hmm...  

YAY! Good news everyone! Shikin's recovering! I think she's well enough to go to the party tomorrow! WOOT WOOT! hehe. Speaking of which, I CAN'T WAIT! hehe. Oh, im chatting with her now and she told me that her father once almost changed his mind about letting her go to the poolside party (see, I told you her father scares me!) butttt, because of her speedy recovery, he father is allowing her to go! I have no idea what's the deal with her dad. He's so unpredictable! (I meant that as a GOOD thing by the way). Yeah I mean a few weeks ago, Shikin and I went for a movie marathon. Like seriously, we watched two movie premieres in a day. Bratz and Enchanted (Enchanted rocks btw). ya so, we were in the middle of 'Bratz' then Shikin's dad started calling her on her hp. He doesn't know that she's out. Yeah so we were sooo nervous... then at the end, we found out that he was just calling her to let her know that he's gonna by her and her bros a FREAKING WII. I mean, how unpredictable was that?! Scaring the hell out of us for nothing... haha

Another thing, WE ZF-ERS NEED ZANESSA CANDIDS! cries We haven't gotten much Zanessa for like a month! C`mon Zanessa! Come out come out wherever you are! Show youself to the paparazzi or something... we just really need to see you guys hold hands (or better yet, kiss) in public again! We know it's like really selfish coz we want to be a part of your personal life... but... WE'RE JUST CRAZY LIKE THAT. Yeah, we love you! :)) Haha. Woah, I'm going nuts! but seriously, a whole month without Zanessa news and just Zanessa break-up rumours are like SHIT. Those magazines are really 'gay' (thanks Gwen) and really 'fucked up' (thanks Genevieve). Aww... Ifly gals from zf! and really, I hate Malaysian Magazines now. Back to tomorrow, IM SO FREAKING EXCITED. I just dunno what time the party will end though. My dad says 'don't stay too late' Well duh. I'm not gonna stay there until 1am or something. but seriously, WHY MUST IT START AT 7PM? Note to self: MUST be early to get the exclusive HSM 2 Goodie Bag! Haha. I feel like jumping up and down! hehe. I know... hyper much?

Last thing, i'm promoting my story on Fanfiction.net! Based on people's reviews, I should get an A+ from Miss Raniy! Haha. Just Kidding! Here are the details of my story (I just updated it today!):

Topic: High School Musical
Pairing: Troy/Gabriella and Chad/Taylor
Title: Just Pretend
Author: JenMarielle (Me)
Rating: T+ (Teens Only)
Summary: Gabriella got Troy and her into quite a jam. The only way out of it is to pretend to date! Troy agrees to help Gabriella, after all, it's just pretend...isn't it?


PS: This song rocks! It's from Enchanted. Sung by Carrie Underwood and it's entitle "Ever, Ever After". Addicted to the song at the moment.

: cheerfulcheerful
: Ever, Ever After - Carrie Underwood
(Anonymous) on December 6th, 2007 01:23 pm (UTC)
you know JEN, the song is nice. and i would like to dedicate the song to zanessa.

Jeneva Marielleyoitsjen on December 6th, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)
Re: wonderful
LOL. Zanessa already has their own album with 100 tracks on it! Haha. It was made by the Zanessa Fans at fanforum!