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02 December 2007 @ 05:53 pm
two more freaking days! AHH!  
oh great... well.. still waiting for the blasted confirmation email... OMG DECEMBER 4 IS LIKE IN 2 FREAKING DAYS. and i swear if i dont get the stupid confirmation email... UGH. I WILL NOT FORGIVE MYSELF. Like, seriously. I've been waiting for a HSM 2 party since last year! Ever since that HSM party last year for the Starhub subscribers...I didnt get to go for that coz I DIDNT KNOW!!!  then I promised myself that I MUST GO TO A HSM 2 PARTY THIS YEAR. Whatever it takes. Well, this is like the only chance for me to go a REAL party... and if ever there was a singing competition, BRING IT ON MAN! lol. pretty hyper today... mum mentioned about the iPhone again. still wishing though.. Dad still havent bought me yet. Gotta keep my hopes up! :) The iPhone is one of the things in my wishlist for this Christmas.


My Wishlist
1) For Zanessa to stay together forever (zan will always be number one! duh.)
2) TO MEET ZANESSA + HSM CAST! and get an autograph and a picture! (A TOTAL DREAM COME TRUE IF THAT HAPPENS)
3) To get into the HSM 2 Poolside Party!
4) The iPhone
5) Tablet PC
6) HSM 2 DVD
7) To finish my holiday homework (planning to start tomorrow!)
8) To have more pants in my closet than skirts (like that'll happen... but it's good to wish it)
9) To be top in class/level!
10) For Nikki Blonsky to piss off. Literally. Stay the hell out of Zanessa's life.
(she did. its the fans i fudging hate so much)
11) For 'Zikki' fans to finally see the light and stop shipping Zac and Nikki. Seriously, like EWW.
12) For Zac to go to the HSM 2 DVD premiere and not the Hairspray one.


The last one (number 12) is totally accidental... I dreamed about it... that Zac doesnt go to the Hairspray DVD premiere last November 20nd and goes to the HSM 2 DVD Premiere instead coz it was on the same day! and you know what? IT FREAKING HAPPENED. ily Zachary! We zan fans know you love V more that Nikki! and you love your HSM Cast buddies than your Hairspray co-stars! (notice the difference? HAHA) Ah well... please please pray for me, shikin and her cousins to be able to go for the HSM 2 Party!!! 2 MORE FREAKING DAYS MAN UNTIL THE DAY OF DOOM or HAPPINESS! (depends on whether we get it or not).... :)

PS: JUST NOW I WENT TO CHURCH AND OMG MY SISTER POINTED TO THIS GIRL... AND HOLY CRAP SHE'S WEARING A 'I LOVE TROY!' T-SHIRT... THEN ZAC'S FACE WAS PLASTERED IN FRONT! LOL. I would wear it but uh...  I wouldn't want to have people pointing at me and embarrass myself :) 

ANOTHER PS: The Zanessa Forum Mods are planning to make 'I LOVE ZANESSA!' T-shirts for the zf-members for those who have more than 1000 posts! (OMG THAT'S ME) and are planning to ship it ALL OVER THE WORLD. omg. ily Thalia, Stephanie Danielle, Carolina, Alice, Jasmine, Christina and the other mods for doing this! :)) NOW THAT I WILL DEFINITELY WEAR. I WOULD EVEN SUGGEST A 'SAY NO TO 'ZIKKI' !' T-shirt! hehe... cya people!
: bouncybouncy
: My Grown-Up Christmas List - Kelly Clarkson
(Anonymous) on December 2nd, 2007 10:41 am (UTC)
No Zikki!!!!
Zanessa forever and forever. By the way i love and enjoy it.
Jeneva Marielleyoitsjen on December 2nd, 2007 10:44 am (UTC)
Re: No Zikki!!!!
YEAHH!!! ZANESSA FOREVER!!! Whoever ships Zikki is a total asshole! :) haha... cya in school Shikin! and oh, the HSM 2 Paryty, maybe... hehe... must keep our hopes up!