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Jeneva Marielle
12 January 2008 @ 10:56 pm


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Jeneva Marielle
11 January 2008 @ 10:06 pm

AAAAAAHHHHH *avoids flying objects being thrown* yes, I know I havent blogged for like one and a half month? haha. and I didn't even get the chance to greet you guys a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! ah well, sue me. I haven't blogged since like I went for the HSM 2 part and still haven't told you guys about it... hehe! I have a few things to clear up...

High School Musical 2 Poolside Party.

5 words. I expected a lot more.

Seriously, most of the time, we were sitting there on the foor watching performances (but still they WERE kinda fun! hehe. and the performances were nice! The winners for the 'My School Rocks' competiton (both pri and sec) performed and then there were the HEELEYS demonstration.... so yeah, it was kinda like that... then there was also this Look-alike and Best-dressed contest which btw, this Germaine girl from kids central both won (OMFG. Can you believe it? SO UNFAIR. LOL) And then there was the dance-along for 'All For One' and I knew the dance already! HAHA. Before we went in, there was this announcer guy who said 'Take your picture with cast of the show on stage...' and I was like AH HOLY SHIT ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?!?! So I was soooo excited on the way in, thinking I was finally getting to see Zanessa... haha. Then I realized that the guy was referring to that GIGANTIC poster of the cast on stage and I was like 'WTF!' lol...


The best part was WHEN THEY HOSE-SPRAYED US WITH WATER towards the end of the party! It was sooooo fun! We were supossed to take out the raincoats we were provided with but instead Shikin, her cousins and I didn't put on our raincoats! HAHA! OMFG we were soooon wet! haha! Luckily, we brought extra clothes! So... yeah, it was like that...

Now, for the real thing...

Should I or should I not change my blog to blogger? The only freaking problem I have with LJ is that you can't put a tagboarad in, only a comments page... so I dunno... and I like LJ coz you can put like avatars on the side for every entry you post, depending on how you feel and I love love love the skins that I find for LJ... except that, I make the banners with photoshop... I think I will though... soon... I will relink from this blog to my new one!


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Jeneva Marielle
07 December 2007 @ 02:42 am
Just received a call from my mum. My little sister's okay now, the nurses checked her chest and everything and everything seemed to be fine. They're now just waiting for the doctor for her to have her full check-up. This is the worst moment of my life but i'm glas everything work out. They'll be coming home from the hospital soon. I can't sleep. I'll keep you guys posted.
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Jeneva Marielle
07 December 2007 @ 02:12 am
well its almost 2.30 in the morning and my lil sister has just been rushed to the hospital, saying that she has trouble breathing. OMG. I'm like bawling right now. Tell you guys more about it tomorrow. right now, i cant think. this is simply the worst moment of my life.
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Jeneva Marielle
06 December 2007 @ 08:40 pm

YAY! Good news everyone! Shikin's recovering! I think she's well enough to go to the party tomorrow! WOOT WOOT! hehe. Speaking of which, I CAN'T WAIT! hehe. Oh, im chatting with her now and she told me that her father once almost changed his mind about letting her go to the poolside party (see, I told you her father scares me!) butttt, because of her speedy recovery, he father is allowing her to go! I have no idea what's the deal with her dad. He's so unpredictable! (I meant that as a GOOD thing by the way). Yeah I mean a few weeks ago, Shikin and I went for a movie marathon. Like seriously, we watched two movie premieres in a day. Bratz and Enchanted (Enchanted rocks btw). ya so, we were in the middle of 'Bratz' then Shikin's dad started calling her on her hp. He doesn't know that she's out. Yeah so we were sooo nervous... then at the end, we found out that he was just calling her to let her know that he's gonna by her and her bros a FREAKING WII. I mean, how unpredictable was that?! Scaring the hell out of us for nothing... haha

Another thing, WE ZF-ERS NEED ZANESSA CANDIDS! cries We haven't gotten much Zanessa for like a month! C`mon Zanessa! Come out come out wherever you are! Show youself to the paparazzi or something... we just really need to see you guys hold hands (or better yet, kiss) in public again! We know it's like really selfish coz we want to be a part of your personal life... but... WE'RE JUST CRAZY LIKE THAT. Yeah, we love you! :)) Haha. Woah, I'm going nuts! but seriously, a whole month without Zanessa news and just Zanessa break-up rumours are like SHIT. Those magazines are really 'gay' (thanks Gwen) and really 'fucked up' (thanks Genevieve). Aww... Ifly gals from zf! and really, I hate Malaysian Magazines now. Back to tomorrow, IM SO FREAKING EXCITED. I just dunno what time the party will end though. My dad says 'don't stay too late' Well duh. I'm not gonna stay there until 1am or something. but seriously, WHY MUST IT START AT 7PM? Note to self: MUST be early to get the exclusive HSM 2 Goodie Bag! Haha. I feel like jumping up and down! hehe. I know... hyper much?

Last thing, i'm promoting my story on Fanfiction.net! Based on people's reviews, I should get an A+ from Miss Raniy! Haha. Just Kidding! Here are the details of my story (I just updated it today!):

Topic: High School Musical
Pairing: Troy/Gabriella and Chad/Taylor
Title: Just Pretend
Author: JenMarielle (Me)
Rating: T+ (Teens Only)
Summary: Gabriella got Troy and her into quite a jam. The only way out of it is to pretend to date! Troy agrees to help Gabriella, after all, it's just pretend...isn't it?


PS: This song rocks! It's from Enchanted. Sung by Carrie Underwood and it's entitle "Ever, Ever After". Addicted to the song at the moment.

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Jeneva Marielle
05 December 2007 @ 07:28 pm
 sobs Shikin has chicken pox! can you believe it? and it happened on the day when the confirmation email came! sobs Please pray for her! Hopefully she'd be feeling well enough for the party this friday! Im really worried... :(

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Jeneva Marielle
03 December 2007 @ 04:23 pm




Y*C@&$C@*(T##BB*Y@@ *(#@^$)@*^$@&%$ (if you didn't know, the funny letters are supposed to be cursing)




Let me tell you the funny story... I was doing my homework (can you believe it? Doing your homework can actually bring good luck! my gosh) and my little sister was using the computer. Yeah, I was in the dining room, doing my homework diligently on the dining room table then I heard my mum calling her for the reason I bet you dont wanna know. Believe me, you dont. Anyway... I thought that that was the perfect opportunity for me to check Zanessa Forever Forum for any updates or anything coz an hour ago, Shikin called me screaming saying that Zanessa was over. Yup. At first I was like 'Huh? No they're not...' then Shikin said that Fatin's magazine had a quote from Zac saying 'We've broken up...' or something like that. I was like WTF then... but never trust Magazines! Always trust ZF coz ZF people never lies! LOL. It was just a BLOODY FREAKING RUMOUR. HUH. STUPID PEOPLE WHO SPREAD ALL THESE KIND OF RUMOURS HAVE NOTHING TO DO IN THEIR LIVES SO THEY TRY TO RUIN SOMEONE ELSES! GRRRRR... ugh... so anyways... I checked ZF and there's nothing about the 'break-up' (duh. me = stupid for almost believing that Malaysian Magazine. Another reason why it's so improbable. The Magazine is a Malaysian MagazineI. I cussed myself. Haha.




 yeah so after ZF, I checked my email for fun... yeah... i was checking for any Fanfiction Story Alerts or Review Alerts from my own fanfiction (which btw, you shoud totally read. My penname's JenMarielle in fanfiction.net. Find me and read my story! It's pretty good!). So anyways, I clicked 'Inbox' and there. THERE IT WAS. IN BIG BOLD LETTERS. THE EMAIL SUBJECT WHICH HAS BEEN BUGGING ME FOR DAYSSSS. It said, ' YOU'RE CONFIRMED! HSM2 Holiday Poolside Party - PLS PRINT OUT'. I SWEAR I STOPPED BREATHING FOR A MOMENT THERE. I didn't scream! Which was a surprise! In situations like these, you're expected to scream! WELL I DIDNT. HAHA. OMG I JUST FELT DIZZYYYY AND I WAS SHAKINGGGGG. I STARTED BREATHING IN AND OUT SLOWWWWLY... MY BREATH HITCHED... (omg. haha. I'm like writing a fanfiction) The first thought that came to my mind was 'Call Shikin'. HAHA. So I did. I ran to my mum's room where my mum and my little sis are and I told them! I was talking so fast I dont think they even understood me! LOL. It was something like this...


LOL. yup, it was THAT fast.

So...I opened the email and the first thing I saw was...

ONE PLACE has been confirmed to your name for 

At that words, I kinda felt like I was VIP or something.haha. coz it said '...has been confirmed to YOUR NAME...' haha. Im being delusional but how would you feel if you found out that you are going to THE POOLSIDE PARTY OF THE YEAR?! Yeah... that's what I thought. Then the email said something about don't forget to bring all these stuffs blah..blah...blah... then it said:


Please bring along a TOWEL & CHANGE OF CLOTHES, you may be getting WET!

That made me say 'Ooohhh interesting!' RAIN OR SHINE? HOLY SHIT THIS IS GONNA BE FUN! But I hope it doesnt rain though coz you'll never know when suddenly you slip and then fall into the pool. That's gotta be embarrassing. Which im reminding you Shikin and your cousins (well if you're reading this anyway) that DO NOT WEAR SLIPPERY SHOES. lol! ....blah...blah...blah then one thing caught my eye:

(First 500 will receive a complimentary goodie bag, whilst stocks last!) 

HUH. The registration starts at 6.30. I WILL MAKE SURE IM THERE BY 1pm. HAHA. Just kidding... At least by 6pm we should be there... and one more thing:

Look like any of the Stars? 

We will also be looking out for Most Look-Alike & the Best-Dressed party-goers; 


DO I LOOK LIKE SHARPAY/GABRIELLA/TAYLOR TO YOU? NOOOOOOO.... haha. Sure Vanessa and I are both filipina but me looking like her? Puh-lease. SHE'S GORGEOUS!  and im... average...looking? HAHA. And who the hell could pull off Troy's look? The only person who could like Troy/Zac is well... no one. THAT'S ONE OF THE REASONS WHY ZACHARY IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST GUYS ON EARTH according to People Magazine. Curse them for not adding Vanessa into their list! Hmph.

OMG. THE FEELING WAS SOOO OVERWHELMING. It was sooo unexpected! So I called Shikin and my voice was shaking so much I think I was about to cry! HAHA. I was like 'Did you check your mail? Did you? Did you? Did you?' and Shikin was like 'Why?' and then I cracked. I screamed. 'OH MY GOSH I GOT IT!!! THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL!!! CHECK YOUR MAIL AND YOUR COUSINS!!!' haha. oh my god. that few minutes was a blur... i didnt know what i was talking about... well, as it turned out, Shikin couldn't chek her mail coz she was at her cousin's house and couldnt go into the internet so I checked for her and her cousins AND THEY'VE BEEN CONFIRMED TOO!!!! WOOT! and did I mentioned that Shikin SCREAMED INTO THE PHONE SO LOUD THAT I HAD TO GET THE PHONE AWAY FROM MY EAR. haha. yup, she was THAT excited! BUT WHO ISNT?!?!?!?! OMG.

If today is THIS lucky, I better check my letterbox downstairs to check if I get that $500 from MOE. Shikin got hers already! But even if I didnt, ITS OKAY COZ NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!! WAIT. BRB. IM GONNA GO CHECK. IM GONNA EDIT THIS POST ONE I COME BACK.
*EDIT BY ME: Ah well, there's nothing... but like I said, im too happy to be disappointed! :))

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Jeneva Marielle
02 December 2007 @ 11:46 pm

It's all in the title! A new banner made by ME! Yeah... one of the reasons why I love Photoshop! OMG. That kiss is really HOT tbh... TROYELLA FOREVER! ;)) Well... just posting to let you guys know...

PS: Isn't Zachary cute in that avatar? Aww... okay, i'm being random...
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Jeneva Marielle
02 December 2007 @ 05:53 pm
oh great... well.. still waiting for the blasted confirmation email... OMG DECEMBER 4 IS LIKE IN 2 FREAKING DAYS. and i swear if i dont get the stupid confirmation email... UGH. I WILL NOT FORGIVE MYSELF. Like, seriously. I've been waiting for a HSM 2 party since last year! Ever since that HSM party last year for the Starhub subscribers...I didnt get to go for that coz I DIDNT KNOW!!!  then I promised myself that I MUST GO TO A HSM 2 PARTY THIS YEAR. Whatever it takes. Well, this is like the only chance for me to go a REAL party... and if ever there was a singing competition, BRING IT ON MAN! lol. pretty hyper today... mum mentioned about the iPhone again. still wishing though.. Dad still havent bought me yet. Gotta keep my hopes up! :) The iPhone is one of the things in my wishlist for this Christmas.


My Wishlist
1) For Zanessa to stay together forever (zan will always be number one! duh.)
2) TO MEET ZANESSA + HSM CAST! and get an autograph and a picture! (A TOTAL DREAM COME TRUE IF THAT HAPPENS)
3) To get into the HSM 2 Poolside Party!
4) The iPhone
5) Tablet PC
6) HSM 2 DVD
7) To finish my holiday homework (planning to start tomorrow!)
8) To have more pants in my closet than skirts (like that'll happen... but it's good to wish it)
9) To be top in class/level!
10) For Nikki Blonsky to piss off. Literally. Stay the hell out of Zanessa's life.
(she did. its the fans i fudging hate so much)
11) For 'Zikki' fans to finally see the light and stop shipping Zac and Nikki. Seriously, like EWW.
12) For Zac to go to the HSM 2 DVD premiere and not the Hairspray one.


The last one (number 12) is totally accidental... I dreamed about it... that Zac doesnt go to the Hairspray DVD premiere last November 20nd and goes to the HSM 2 DVD Premiere instead coz it was on the same day! and you know what? IT FREAKING HAPPENED. ily Zachary! We zan fans know you love V more that Nikki! and you love your HSM Cast buddies than your Hairspray co-stars! (notice the difference? HAHA) Ah well... please please pray for me, shikin and her cousins to be able to go for the HSM 2 Party!!! 2 MORE FREAKING DAYS MAN UNTIL THE DAY OF DOOM or HAPPINESS! (depends on whether we get it or not).... :)

PS: JUST NOW I WENT TO CHURCH AND OMG MY SISTER POINTED TO THIS GIRL... AND HOLY CRAP SHE'S WEARING A 'I LOVE TROY!' T-SHIRT... THEN ZAC'S FACE WAS PLASTERED IN FRONT! LOL. I would wear it but uh...  I wouldn't want to have people pointing at me and embarrass myself :) 

ANOTHER PS: The Zanessa Forum Mods are planning to make 'I LOVE ZANESSA!' T-shirts for the zf-members for those who have more than 1000 posts! (OMG THAT'S ME) and are planning to ship it ALL OVER THE WORLD. omg. ily Thalia, Stephanie Danielle, Carolina, Alice, Jasmine, Christina and the other mods for doing this! :)) NOW THAT I WILL DEFINITELY WEAR. I WOULD EVEN SUGGEST A 'SAY NO TO 'ZIKKI' !' T-shirt! hehe... cya people!
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Jeneva Marielle
27 November 2007 @ 01:40 pm
sobs In order for you to get into the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2: HOLIDAY POOLSIDE PARTY, you need to email them your particulars then they will send you a confirmation email... well, i sent mine yesterday and YET, still havent received it yet! sobs NO, im NOT losing hope. It's only like the third day since the DVD came out and not like 1000000000 people emailed them on that span of 3 days right? RIGHT? sobs This is just great, im convincing myself not to worry when my insides are like churning... ah but well, just yesterday, I told Shikin (she was like sooooo worried and she still is, until now) that even if we dont get it, we just have to accept it! OMG. Can't believe that I said that. haha. And right now, I think i'm in worst shape than her. gosh. Well, still hoping for the best...




It's THE POOLSIDE PARTY of the year!!!! I won't something stupid like my ~negativeness get in my way from getting inside this party. I WOULD KILL TO GET INSIDE (okay, maybe not coz then i'll be arrested and my perfect record will be ruined forever) okayyy, maybe I'm desperate but come on... who wouldn't want to come to a High School Musical 2 Party?!?!?!?! Ah but on a happier note, Shikin's 2 cousins (Hafiz & Linda? I forgot...hehe) are coming as well. It was one of the things that let Shikin's dad let her go. yup, coz her cousins are going haha. My mum let me go in a flash like literally. Yeah! I was like "Mum, can I go to the High School Musical 2 Party at Wild Wild Wet?" I was like soooo excited when I asked her and she was like "Sure," and I was like "YES!!!!" Shikin was there too and she called her dad on her hp and her dad was like "Come home and talk," Gosh, her dad scares me...LOL. Ah but apparently, all good things never come to an end (hehe) coz later on Shikin called me and I was like "Yes, I can go!" and we like SCREAMED on the phone. haha. and btw, found out that Hafiz is my mother tongue classmate during Primary Six! yep, Singapore sure is a small place...

Despitre all this, still pretty bummed that the RSVP still havent come yet, if not by today, hopefully by tomorrow... sigh i just wish it would come already!! so that all this anxiousnessssss will go away sooonnn.... last sob BOO HOO!!! *crossing my fingers and praying to God and my Angel*

Dear Angel Uriel or God,

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Shikin, her cousins and I go to the party!! Please? THANK YOU!!!

Jeneva, Shikin, and her cousins

Gosh. Haha. I think I'm really desperate! but seriosly, I NEED TO GO TO THAT PARTY! ;]
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